Confined DNA

UKF “Crossing Borders” grant

A successful spring for “Confined DNA”

Collaborators on the Confined DNA project have just published two works in Nano Letters and Macromolecules, journals of significant impact, among the best in their respective scientific fields.


  • T. Vuletić and M. Lihter, along with Prof. Rađenović group, published a paper in Nanoletters journal (IF=12.9) on a novel method in production of nanopores: Electrochemical reaction in single layer MoS2: nanopores opened atom by atom. This approach confirms that facility-free nanopore preparation has an important technological potential. That is, electrochemical etching of nanopores may be performed as an atom-by-atom process, controlled by simple electrical measurement set-up, without advanced electron microscopes or other facilities. Our colleagues contributed by identifying and interpreting this nanoscale process from the electrical transport data. Paper (PDF)>>>

MOVIE>>>Music of the atoms

The movie is a representation of the nanopore etching process that we observed.

  • The paper Polyelectrolyte Composite: Hyaluronic Acid Mixture with DNA was published in Macromolecules (IF=5.9), leading journal in the area of polymer science (Vuletić, Salamon, Delač Marion, Grgičin with S. Bernstorff from Elettra Syncrotrone). Our scientists gave a new outlook on the osmotic pressure of polyelectrolytes based on structural measurements (synchrotron X-ray scattering) and thus were able to determine the osmotic coefficient of DNA by comparing it with the coefficient of the hyaluronic acid (an electrically charged polysaccharide). Paper (PDF)>>>


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