Confined DNA

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A strong finish for “Confined DNA” September 29, 2015

Confined DNA project collaborators have published further works in the field of nano/bio science, in journals Nano Letters (IF 13.6) and The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (IF 4.8).

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A successful spring for “Confined DNA” May 2, 2015

Collaborators on the Confined DNA project have just published two works in Nano Letters and Macromolecules, journals of significant impact, among the best in their respective scientific fields.



3rd QCM-D Workshop February 13, 2015

A 3rd QCM-D mini workshop was held at Institute of Physics, Zagreb, 11.02.2015.



SiN membrane preparation December 1, 2014






Our team member, M. Lihter, after a training in the clean room at EPFL during the summer, is again there to produce a new series of 20 nm SiN membranes. (more…)

Paper submitted November 4, 2014

We finished one of our studies concerning polyelectrolyte mixtures, and  submitted a paper “Polyelectrolyte composite: Hyaluronic acid mixture with DNA” to Macromolecules (Supporting info>>>).



2nd QCM-D workshop September 19, 2014

Another QCM-D workshop was held at Institute of Physics, Zagreb, from 16.-18.10.2014. Our collaborators from JKU, Linz, Austria; IRB, Zagreb and PMF, Zagreb participated.


Visit to EPFL February 5, 2014

We (Vuletic, Lihter, Marion) have visited prof.Radenovic laboratory at EPFL, Lausanne. Initial tests of a new, compact, low-noise  preamplifier for measurement of ionic currents across nanopores were performed. This one is to replace the Axopatch 200B, a standard, however rather expensive instrument. Nanopore devices to be further tested in Zagreb are being selected. Another fluidic cell that will be used in Zagreb (for connecting the device to measurement setup) was also prepared at EPFL.

QCM-D workshop January 15, 2014

QCM-D E1 instrument Installation & training workshop was held on 29.-30.01.2014. at Institut za fiziku, Bijenička 46, Zagreb (PROGRAM–>).

A presentation on QCM-D basics and on Q-tools data analysis software was given by M. Rodal from Biolin Scientific.



New team member January 12, 2014

Martina Lihter, a chemistry graduate from University of Zagreb  joined (09/01/14)  our team as our new PhD student. She will work closely with prof. Rađenović on a graphene nanopore device, mostly testing routes towards control of the DNA translocation time. This might allow for the detection of DNA sequence related signal variations in the device.

Procurement contract signed December 20, 2013

We have signed a procurement contract for the principal instrument to be obtained with UKF funding. This is Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring, QCM-D. (more…)

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