Confined DNA

UKF “Crossing Borders” grant

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)


Beginning of 2012 we have installed a Nanosurf FlexAFM instrument.


It features 10×10 μm scan head and cantilever holders that work in air and in water.



We have built, in-house, an antivibration support that has already proven its functionality.

Insofar, AFM instrument has been used for studies of nanopatterns formed by ion-beam deposition in solid matrices like germanium or silicium.


We have also performed preliminary tests of the instrument on soft materials, e.g. colloidal beads of polystyrene latex or DNA on mica.


All these are highly monodisperse and serve as a fine calibration reference.

Currently, I. Nikic, a Master’s student is using AFM for imaging of DNA deposited on well defined surfaces like mica or HOPG.

However, these tests are performed in air.

Eventually, application of AFM on samples in aqueous environment is planned.

Towards this goal I.Delač Marion has visited the group of prof. Hinterdorfer for training in molecular recognition force spectroscopy (MRFS) of avidin-biotin complex.
See Training in Linz

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