Confined DNA

UKF “Crossing Borders” grant

2nd QCM-D workshop

Another QCM-D workshop was held at Institute of Physics, Zagreb, from 16.-18.10.2014. Our collaborators from JKU, Linz, Austria; IRB, Zagreb and PMF, Zagreb participated.

We had several presentations,



demonstration of instrument’s work,


and we even performed a simple experiment.


There was also time for many fruitful discussions about future collaboration projects.

Participants are listed below:

Ferry Kienberger Agilent Technologies, Linz
Manuel Kasper Agilent Technologies, Linz
Andreas Ebner JKU, Linz
Michael Leitner JKU, Linz
Lukas Traxler JKU, Linz
Jelena Trmčić Cvitaš IRB, Zagreb
Jasmina Salopek PMF-KO, Zagreb
Martina Lihter Institut za fiziku
Ida Delač Marion Institut za fiziku
Ivana Nikić Institut za fiziku
Ivana Mikulin Institut za fiziku
Tomislav Vuletić Institut za fiziku
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